Ben believes that bridges can be built with great meeting facilitation skills. His mission is to operate organizations in ways that everyone’s point of view is heard and respected. He believes that this approach, as evidenced by his work growing the Halifax Cycling Coalition, and several other projects, will lead us to better communities with better decision-making and a more collaborative population. Ben is a firm believer in using his skills to empower others so that all of society benefits in the long run.

For an always-up-to-date CV, see my LinkedIn profile. During the day, Ben is a government services consultant in Halifax. At night, he’s a board member of the Halifax Cycling Coalition, member of Global Shapers Halifax, and perform various roles with other community groups such as Switch Halifax.

Ben’s master’s research focused on the performance of Nova Scotia’s Collaborative Emergency Centre program. That research will be referred to here when ready for publication.

Research interests are around improving the performance of complex systems. Potential future research topics include more efficient scheduling of oil trucks and garbage trucks in Halifax to reduce the cost of providing home services.

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