Day 45: The End

Day 45: The End

They say all good things must come to an end. Yesterday that was the fate of my trip. For a few days, I’d been telling friends & family that I would arrive at 3pm, and as that important hour approached it went from rough estimate to goal.

I started the day with one of those rare moments where I got moving on time. I made up for it by lingering during my snack breaks, of course. As I approached Elmsdale, the midday heat peaking, John came out to meet me and provide some welcome company for the ride in. John has been an incredible help on this ride, sending me a handy 4-port plug for my various devices, a mildew-fighting tent wash, and many tips on camp food. This week he will put the knowledge into practice with a hike in the Grand Canyon.

Eventually, at precisely 3:01, I rolled up to Black Rock beach, the easiest water access in Halifax. My parents were waiting, as expected. I was blown away to see my sister, aunt, uncle, and three other friends waiting, cameras in hand, for my arrival! Once the photos were taken we headed up to Stillwell where a few others were waiting. After some good food, drink, and conversation some of us moved on for a feast at Cha Baa Thai, and my recovery began.

Ben’s mother and father holding a Canadian flag
My parents met me with a giant flag & a commemorative t-shirt

So, that was it! There will be lots more to process in the coming days and weeks but my initial impression is that the trip really opened my eyes to the vastness of Canada, helped me develop an appreciation for its isolation, and taught me lots about camp food. I’m not sure what’s next, but crossing the Vatican is quite appealing.

In thinking back on the trip I really couldn’t have done it without the various friends who offered a place to stay (Ross & Steph, Kaj, Steph, Mike & Laurie, Denise & Dan, Frank & Jean, and my sister), or the friends who sent constant motivation & support (Mike and John). To everyone who sent encouraging messages along the way, or stopped in for a beer, thank you, you made the trip extra enjoyable.

Today’s distance: 133.8 km

Cumulative distance: 6,460.2 km

Today’s climb: 847 m

The route from debert to Halifax

6 thoughts on “Day 45: The End

  1. Congratulations Ben! Fantastic accomplishment! I have been following your progress since Dick first told me about your journey about one week in!
    Would love to know more about some of the technical aspects of your ride…your bike and gear specifically…and anything you learned that you would choose differently if you were to do it again.

    1. Thanks Brian! I am working on those posts, hopefully ready at the end of this week. Stay tuned.

  2. Hey Ben,

    Well done. That’s an impressive physical and mental accomplishment. And I like the “bridge to bridge” aspect. Me thinks you’ll be yearning for some of those long days on the bike when you’re in downtown TO traffic. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    1. Thank you Mary! Yes, I suspect there will be some long, tiring days stuck inside where I would go back to the shoulderless highway of northern Ontario in a heartbeat!

  3. Ben, I followed your great bike trip on a daily basis, IMPRESSED by your ability to solve problems and keep going when it got rough. Congratulations and best wishes on your next venture.
    Cheers. Richard.

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