Day 42: Baie des Chaleurs

Day 42: Baie des Chaleurs

I couldn’t be happier than having chosen to go north through Matapedia and the Acadian shore of New Brunswick. The views are spectacular, and no comparison to the southern New Brunswick valleys familiar to those who have driven the Trans Canada highway. Of course, the trade off for views is hills, and there were plenty.

Ben in front of New Brunswick flags
Hello New Brunswick!

After a stop in Campbellton for most of the remaining food I’ll need for the trip & some coffee, I pushed into the hills, stopping for lunch in Dalhousie. It was at that point where it became clear that the ride to Miramichi would be foolish. There was almost no hope of getting from Bathurst to Miramichi before dark, and there is literally nothing between the two towns. On top of that, I believe there is moose fencing the whole way, so no way to stealth camp. I found a decent campground in Bathurst and decided to commit to that. With just 80 km to go and lots of time to finish the motivation fell away. It felt like a slog, especially from Belledune on. Maybe that was due to the twin industrial facilities, the Belledune Generating Station and Brunswick Smelter that generate half of the province’s air pollution, that made further progress tough…

Eventually I reached Bathurst and the beautifully-situated campsite. Tomorrow the goal is a long ride to Shediac, completing the tour of the Acadian part of the province. Arrival in Halifax is still planned for Saturday afternoon.

Today’s ride: 139.3 km

Cumulative distance: 5,929.5 km

Today’s climb: 836 m

Today’s route along the Restigouche river and Chaleur Bay to Bathurst
Today’s ride