Day 40: Rimouski

Day 40: Rimouski

There was a good tailwind today, which I looked forward to converting to lots of miles & putting some distance in the bank. After making good time through some moderately hilly areas, I finally stopped for a late-afternoon snack in Rimouski, having averaged a quick 25 km/h to that point. Over my shoulder I saw some dark clouds, but there hadn’t been any rain in the forecast this morning. As I was eating my snack, the meteorologists were disproved and the rain started coming down hard. My plan might need to change.

The forecast now showed thunderstorms all evening and heavy rain overnight. I still had about 30 km to my planned destination, and the rain brought a great tailwind with it. Weighing the odds of biking in pouring rain and arriving at a campsite with no cooking shelter against the appeal of a nearby hostel I called it quits. This will put some pressure on the goal of arriving in Halifax on Saturday, but it’s still doable as long as the hurricane stays out of my path.

Today’s ride featured some decent hills and some sweeping views of the Laurentians, which thankfully are more prominent on the other side of the St Lawrence. I suspect there are some good hills waiting for me tomorrow as I head inland and try to make up the short distance from today. The goal for tomorrow is to get as close to Campbellton as possible; doing so may involve biking through some drizzle too. Thankfully rain days have been few and far between on this trip!

Today’s distance: 138.2 km

Cumulative distance: 5,604.5 km

Today’s climb: 680 m

The route from south of Rivière du Loup to Rimouski
Today’s ride