Day 38: Quebec

Day 38: Quebec

The cooler weather continued today. After several weeks of nights in the high-teens / mid-twenties it was a shock to be feel chilly in my sleeping bag overnight (it can withstand much colder, if fully closed). Nevertheless, the more pleasant temperatures during the day are welcome. I rolled toward Quebec this morning, as usual leaving later than planned, but had a great day on the road.

The speedy way across the country skips Quebec City, which is on the north side of the St Lawrence. Cyclists often stick to the south side and stop near Lévis. I wanted to spend some time in the city, so I found a spot downtown, which was no easy feat given the Festival d’été (Summer festival) underway. The festival occupies the entire fortified city, plus many pedestrian streets in the old town. It’s so packed they run bus service all day as if it’s rush hour.

Strolling through the town stirred up some childhood memories of visits to the city. I am overdue for a deep dive here, and with a friend moving to town next month it feels like the perfect excuse to come back for a few days.

The entrance to the bridge to Quebec from Lévis
As a kid I remember thinking this was the entrance to the walled city

Of course, my time in Quebec is not all good news. I am pretty sure my spare battery, purchased last winter, has bit the dust; meanwhile I did some research on my phone while apparently not connected to wifi and burned through most of my data for the month. Maybe what this province is teaching me is that I should slow down and enjoy older city design and a quieter pace in life? Who knows.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grind, trying to make some serious mileage and maybe see Halifax’s agave plant in bloom. After some fun weeks and some great experiences it’s odd to think I’m entering the final week of this trip.

Today’s distance: 147.9 km

Cumulative distance: 5,301.7 km

Today’s climb: 590 m

Today’s ride up the St Lawrence
Today’s ride