Day 37: Three Rivers

Day 37: Three Rivers

They say beggars can’t be choosers. Yesterday I was definitely begging for relief from the heat. It came at about 5am, without the promised thunderstorm. The temperature fell from about 35 degrees to about 25 degrees, and the cold front pushed the humid air away. It seemed like a perfect day. Then I found out about the 30 km/h headwind and was less excited.

The day started out well, packing my belongings, except I discovered my sleeping bag was damp. The down must have retained some moisture when I washed it as it felt dry last night… with everything packed I figured it could dry it at my campsite tonight. So, off I went to Pikolo. On the way I was caught in Copenhagen-like congestion.

A pack of cyclists wait at a red light
Busy morning

After the coffee I headed for Longueuil. This was tougher than planned as the bicycle route markings are not as good as those on the Western approach to the city. Eventually I got across the bridge and through Longueuil, then it was smooth sailing up the 132. From the apartment to about 25 km from downtown i was on a protected bicycle lane. Amazing.

After getting an excellent sliced beef sandwich at Tête du Cochon in Verchères, I had a mix of back roads, paths, and secondary highways to contend with. Overall the route was good. Then I stopped in Sorel for a snack. Disappointed with the selection at Provigo (I know…) I grabbed a wrapped slice of tomato pizza. Once outside I realized it was literally a slab of pizza dough coated in tomato sauce. Gross.

Finally I rolled up to a campsite across the River from Trois-Rivières and decided I’d had enough. Tomorrow I hope to have more favourable winds and have a good ride to Quebec City. Tonight will be 25-30 degrees cooler than last night and the coldest night of the trip so far. I hope to sleep soundly!

Today’s distance: 150.8 km

Cumulative distance: 5,153.8 km

Today’s climb: 287 m

A map of today’s route
Today’s route