Day 36: Montreal, redux

Day 36: Montreal, redux

When I rolled out of bed this morning every part of my body exclaimed “hell no.” The heat last night made for a less-than-ideal sleep. It was before 7am, I couldn’t get to the balcony without sweating. I needed a new plan. Today turned in to a great day of strolling every Canadian’s favourite city. I checked out a new coffee shop (reaffirming my love for Pikolo), picked up some stuff at my favourite stationery store, and spent the evening camped out on the patio of one of my favourite watering holes in the world. As with every trip to Montreal I wondered why I haven’t moved here yet. Then I remembered that I was dripping in sweat while still in bed. The temperature was over 35 for much of the day.

A Seinfeld comic where they are sitting in a sauna, sweating. Jerry says “it feels like a sauna in here.”
My friend in the Middle East sent me this in solidarity.

Oddly, my strongest memories of Montreal tend to involve the heat.

  • A few years ago my dad and I repainted my sister’s apartment in mid-July. Our attire was beach-appropriate. The cold beer was crucial.
  • Helping clean said apartment.
  • Bike rides along the canal with my mom and gallons of water.
  • Running up Mont Royal on a training run and getting scorched.
  • A 25+ km stroll with Maria & Jenn last summer that involved lots of refuge in the Metro.
  • A day at La Ronde with colleagues that basically featured long lines for the water rides.
Jenn, Maria, and Ben standing on Ste Catherine with pink balloons strung above the street.
Last summer’s scorcher of a scroll with Jenn (left) and Maria (centre)

I’m sure there are other stories. I even have a few lovely winter memories. Montreal is a really hot city. I am not built for this.

A hazy orange beer on a wooden table on a patio
Very important supplies

Anyway, the temperature is set to fall overnight. So, I hope to get as close to Quebec City as possible so I can actually explore that city a bit on Saturday.


My sister’s apartment in downtown Montreal, a basic 1 bedroom with no luxuries, costs the same as my former studio in downtown Halifax, and roughly 50% less than a comparable unit in Toronto. Maybe I should learn to tolerate the heat.