Day 35: City of Saints

Day 35: City of Saints

The riding today was incredible. The incredible shoulders, trails, and bike lanes made today the most effortless riding on the trip. The miles really slipped away, apart from the scorching heat reminding me that I was in the sun. I arrived in Montreal a little later than planned (breaks were important today), but still managed to check in on a couple of my favourite spots. If all goes well I will spend Friday evening in Quebec City and reach Halifax next weekend.

A rocket popsicle
I’ve switched from ice cream to freezies and popsicles. Cheaper, not as sugary, more refreshing. No regrets.

There was one particular trail, from Oka to the suburb of Deux-Montagnes that really showed what a well-planned route can do. It connected a village to a provincial park, several suburbs, a water park, a commercial strip, and one of the city’s most important commuter rail stations. It’s unlikely many people ride the trail end-to-end, but it was busy and I suspect many were using it for short trips from their homes to the nearby attractions. It was a great contrast from what I’ve seen elsewhere, where bike paths serve one specific origin and destination, and are empty when those destinations are not being used.

For the evening I opted for a metro pass ($5.25 after 6pm!) to give the legs a rest and enjoy some air conditioned transport. I’m always impressed with the price & variety of passes available in Montreal (and their fare gates actually work), $5.25 for the evening is a serious bargain, and the day pass for $10 is a great deal too.

As with every visit to Montreal I am left wondering why I don’t just move here…

Today’s distance: 137.7 km

Cumulative distance: 5003.0 km

Today’s climb: 467 m

The route from Montebello to Montreal
A nice, comfortable route to Montreal