Day 34: Montebello

Day 34: Montebello

The heat finally eased off today. An early start and a late finish helped me deal with the worst of it, but it was cool enough in the evening to put a long-sleeved shirt on. The middle of the day was spent in Ottawa, where among other things I was able to shed some hair, drink my first cappuccino since Thunder Bay (and second good one since Regina!), and collect the requisite photo at Parliament Hill.

Two-panel picture of Ben with long unkempt hair and newly trimmed hair
Before & after

After visiting the hill I popped over to Gatineau to ride La Route Verte, Quebec’s extensive network of sometimes bike paths & sometimes paved shoulders that will be a mainstay in the coming days. I had a beautiful ride through the old seigneuries of the Ottawa River Valley, ending up in Montebello where I was unable to find traces of the Bilderberg conference. They didn’t give us an all-access pass to shadowy groups when I was at Davos. Maybe I’ll come back in the winter for some cross country skiing and spend some time at the hotel bar.

One highlight in Ottawa was riding Canada’s most protected bicycle lane, designed to withstand tanks trying to access Trump’s home away from home. My Ottawa friends tell me it’s a real pain navigating that on a cargo bike or with a kiddie trailer. It was pretty tough squeezing between the bollards on my bike.

A two-way bicycle lane on the right side of the street, surrounded with heavy bollards. The US embassy to Canada is on the left.
Canada’s safest bike lane

Today’s distance: 151.2 km

Cumulative distance: 4,865.3 km

Today’s climb: 622 m

Today’s route from Arnprior to Montebello via Ontario Highway 5 and Quebec Highway 148
Today’s ride