Day 31: Heat Wave

Day 31: Heat Wave

There is a heat wave all across Ontario and Quebec right now and it shows no signs of breaking. Last night it caused a thunderstorm and triggered a tornado warning in Sudbury. This morning, as I attempted to leave, the thunderstorm came back. Once the coast looked clear I said goodbye to Elsie and headed off. All day I was battling intense heat and watching the clouds carefully. It looks like tomorrow will be the same.

It’s crazy biking in this heat. Yesterday I mentioned how I was guzzling more water. Today it was even worse. Eventually I stopped at a McDonald’s because I knew they had obnoxiously large cups that some people fill with pop. I had a basic hamburger to get some calories in me and asked for two of the obnoxious cups of ice water. Both disappeared quickly. $0.99 well spent.

I passed through North Bay around 6pm, grabbing a beer to enjoy with supper, and then was treated to a beautiful trail for about 10km through downtown and all the way out to the next village and beyond. What an amazing thing.

A two-way bike path on the right side of a suburban road in North Bay

Of course all good things come to an end and I found a tree collapsed across the trail. It was fun getting the bike over that with 30 kg of gear on board.

A downed tree across a bike trail

Finally, after a few massive hills on some back roads, Google led me to Bonfield, where I couldn’t find a deep spot to slip in to the lake. Unable to cool off I sweat my way through supper and fought off a mosquito swarm as I made camp at a park by the lake. Nearby cottagers treated me to a fireworks duel. When is the cold front coming through?

Today’s distance: 158.2 km

Cumulative distance: 4,433.6 km

Today’s climb: 595 m