Day 29: The other Mississauga

Day 29: The other Mississauga

Toronto is located on the traditional lands of the Mississauga of the Credit River. To a keen observer this would be an indication that there are multiple Mississaugas. I am not one such observer. Today I saw a sign for Mississauga, so I looked the word up. It is an Anishinaabe word meaning “those at the great river mouth.”

A sign for the Mississauga First Nation
The other Mississauga

Today’s ride took me from Sault Ste Marie to Algoma Mills, about halfway to Sudbury. The morning was slow, some industrial activity at 2am disrupted my sleep and then I had to rotate my tires (the back wears much faster than the front, I hope I can make it to Halifax on this pair). Once underway I was quickly pushed by a nice tailwind, making great time. Most of the ride was through a Valley, with a small glimpse of the North Channel and a stretch along Bright Lake.

A three panel photo, clockwise from left a tire with good tread, a tire with no tread, and a bike on an outdoor repair stand
Swapping tires

After a couple of construction sites and a stop for a delicious burger, my energy was flagging and I decided to cut the ride off and have a relaxing evening. I spotted a campground near a little lake and settled in for the evening. I’m thankful that when I popped in to the LCBO in Iron Bridge just before it closed that the friendly clerk handed me an ice-cold bottle of water. I had plenty of warm water on board but was that ever refreshing!

Tomorrow will be a bit of a slog to Sudbury. It’s 166 km and a bit hilly. I need to get there well before the outdoor store closes so that I can get some waterproofing spray to breathe new life into my tent fly and my jacket, both of which are doing a bad job of causing water to bead and shed off. John has sent some mildew remover and down cleaner that is waiting at the post office with the worst hours in Canada, again hopefully I will arrive in time to get that and rejuvenate my tent and sleeping bag for the final few weeks of the journey.

A red sky and setting sun over a small lake with some docks in the foreground
Ontario has been killing it with the sunsets

Here’s hoping for a tailwind tomorrow!

Today’s distance: 154.3 km

Cumulative distance: 4,108.9 km

Today’s climb: 620 m

A map of the ride
Today’s ride