Day 28: Good bye Great Lake

Day 28: Good bye Great Lake

Somehow the trip across Canada involves just one Great Lake. Today, I left it behind. The headwinds persisted through most of the day. Due to a long, tough climb out of the campsite we opted to stop in Montreal River (the only stop between our campsite and Pancake Bay (65 km) for a coffee. We ended up running in to Susan, who is riding from Grand Prairie to Newfoundland, and sharing delicious (and cheap) western sandwiches and coffee. Now adequately fuelled we tackled the ride to Pancake Bay, enjoyed some ice cream, and set off into the heat.

The cooling breezes from the lake seemed too cold. Then we headed inland and missed them. Roughly 20k from Sault Ste Marie we had our last big hill, with the sun bearing down, and I finished drenched in sweat. The long, steep hill and the hot sun were a rough combo. We coasted back down the hill into town, camping behind a bike shop that so gratefully offers free camping to bike tourists (and often faces a repair lineup as a result).

After some burgers and some beers to share stories with two Montrealers headed west, and Susan who decided to finish the ride in to town, it was time to crash. Tomorrow I need to swap my front & rear tires to even out the wear, and make a few minor repairs before setting out toward Sudbury. With any luck I’ll be in Ottawa early next week and then it’s the home stretch.

Today’s distance: 135.3 km

Cumulative distance: 3,954.6 km

Today’s climb: 1,040 m