Day 27: A Superior experience

Day 27: A Superior experience

The views of Lake Superior keep getting better. Today, we rode along the coast just before sunset, when the light was perfect. We had another great stretch near Old Woman Beach, which was a white sand beach just like the ones on the ocean. Dropping down from the hill to the beach was exhilarating, as we switched from deep woods to open lake and its cool breeze over a few seconds. After two and a half days of riding mostly far from the lake it was a picture-perfect finish to an exhausting ride. A beach in front of a big, open lake, with a picnic table in the foreground. Sun is low in the sky.

Katherine Cove, Lake Superior

This morning we pulled out of White River nice and early. My tent fly was soaked (I think I need to refresh the water repellent, a task for Sault Ste Marie), and it barely dried while I packed up. The morning sun was obscured by cloud, a sign of a good day ahead. We pushed through the headwind to Wawa, where we got a picture with the giant goose and met the local tourism promoter (and trail race organizer). I’m tempted to come back next year for the race. After the photo I treated myself to an iced Capp and a donut. Enough sugar and calories to kill a person, but the hills were getting to me. I have to tone it down though, it flattens out soon.

Ben standing in front of a giant Canadian Goose statue and holding his bike
Fly away home

After Wawa we had a couple of tough climbs, then the beach, then more tough climbs. Eventually we made it to Katherine’s Point, another beach with a breathtaking view, had a snack, and pressed on for the final 16 km. It was after 8 and we were both ready to crash.

A maple donut and caramel iced Capp
A healthy snack

Eventually we hit a great downhill into Agawa Bay, where we paid top dollar for an Ontario Provincial Parks campsite, but got to dip in to the freezing cold lake and then wash off with a hot shower. After a few nights of free camping we didn’t mind.

Tomorrow the goal is Sault Ste Marie, and to arrive early enough to hit the camping store to top up on fuel. Eric will be staying for a rest day, I’m glad to have had the company through the big hills. My legs are excited to kiss the shield goodbye.

Today’s distance: 183.3 km

Cumulative distance: 3,819.3 km

Today’s climb: 1,231 m

A map from White River to Wagawa Bay
Today’s ride

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  1. Keep going! You’re more than halfway now. Watch out on Highway 17 though, it is not fun, probably the worst part of the entire trip, so be careful. Enjoy your Canada Day weekend!


    1. Thank you Jane, definitely feels great to leave the toughest chunk of the shield behind.

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