Day 19: Down by the river bend

Day 19: Down by the river bend

The downside of staying in a normal bed and eating a balanced meal of nutritious food (with lots of veggies) is that you don’t want to leave. In that spirit I eased out of Winnipeg around 9:30, having bid farewell to Laurie, Mike, and their kids. Stopping first for a coffee (where I spied a grinder that fits in my aeropress and a stainless steel filter, both of which I’ve previously said I would impulse buy. Turns out $120 + tax is enough to control my impulses). Caffeinated, I hit the trail. Winnipeg had a great trail network coming in to town and a pretty decent one heading out.

Ben pictured in cycling clothing, a helmet, glasses, and a mirror protruding from the glasses
Will the mirror help?

On the highway I started fiddling with my trusty new mirror, a recommendation for the shoulder-less roads of Ontario. I’m told these roads will not be improved until after 2022. The miles started to fall away, but the wind was ever-so-slightly ahead of me, keeping the speed in check. I stopped for lunch in St Anne, a beautiful old village, and had a lunch made from last night’s leftovers while sitting under a tree in front of the church. Some locals were doing some maintenance on the bells, which provided some entertainment.

After that I plodded along for a few more hours, not making the most progress. Eventually a swarm of black flies surrounded me and started dive-bombing me. Nothing I could do, including stopping at a rest stop, could shake them. Finally at 5:30 I passed a campground sign, and given my intended destination was just over two hours away and my heart wasn’t in it, I pulled in for a more relaxing evening. I couldn’t have made a better choice, as my campsite is right next to the river, it’s incredibly quiet (1 km from the road and no railway to be heard!), the owners are very friendly, and it’s a great deal at $13 for an unserviced tent site. After I showered the flies stopped bothering me.

I tried out my new stove, which worked well, was easy to set up, and boiled water quickly, which is all you can ask for. Getting used to a 750mL pot after a few weeks with a 1.5L pot was definitely an adjustment.

A camping stove with an overflowing pot on top
750 mL pot + 500 mL water + noodles + heat = volcano

Today’s distance: 105.4 km

Cumulative distance: 2,597.2 km

Today’s climb: 157 m