Day 17: Headwinds & open space

Day 17: Headwinds & open space

The big crew from last night was a bunch of early risers. We were all on the road by 8, with yours truly taking up the rear. Things started out ok, the mild headwind was easy to handle, and I stopped in for a coffee at a gas station where I caught up with three of the early risers. That coffee break ran 45 minutes long and by the time I was back on the road there was a stronger headwind leading to Brandon, and a long, steep hill near the end.

After lunch in Brandon the day went downhill. A stiff headwind kept the speed low and effort high. There was nowhere to catch a break and enjoy a coffee on a bench all afternoon, and eventually I decided to cut the ride short in MacGregor where a tiny, basic campsite was waiting. After a gourmet dinner of Mr Noodles and canned tuna it was time to turn in and get ready for an early start for Winnipeg, 120 km away, in the hopes of getting some errands done before the long slog across Ontario.

Oddly I took just one photo today (above). It was a sign pointing to good biking conditions.

Today’s distance: 168.0 km

Cumulative distance: 2,366.6 km

Today’s climb: 265 m