Day 16: Bring on the heat

Day 16: Bring on the heat

Today was the warmest day yet, sunny and mid-20s temperatures. A primer for the trip through Ontario and Quebec. Warm enough that I finally had to dip my Buff in water to wear around my neck (though that was likely overkill). Throughout the day I leapfrogged the two pairs from Quebec a few times, notably at the Manitoba border where I saw one of the pairs along with three people fixing a flat tire. The three people had been mentioned in a story a few days ago by the man who camped beside me in Gull Lake and Moose Jaw. Turns out they are real.

Five bikes loaded with gear leaning against a wall
The Virden co-op didn’t know what had hit them

Finally I rolled in to Virden at about 5:30, not bad after 196 km, two long breaks to eat, a time change, and a trip to the town’s well-stocked grocery store. Getting up at 5 has its advantages!

At the campsite we packed me, the two pairs from Quebec, the man from Gull Lake, and the three new people into two sites, earning us a deal at $5 each for showers and wifi! After a lovely evening of chatting we all retired for the night well before sundown. (I’m writing this from my way-too-warm tent) Tomorrow everyone is splitting off, one pair headed south to go through the US, the other headed possibly as far as me, and the remaining four headed to Brandon or slightly further. I’m sure there will be new groups and new stories in Ontario next week. A crowd is gathered around a picnic table

Toute le gang

Post-script: as we were winding down a family showed up with their bikes and tent. A backpacking tent in the foreground and a large van with bikes on the back and a giant tent beside it in the background

Car camping

Today’s distance: 196.4 km

Cumulative distance: 2,198.6 km

Today’s climb: 198 m