Day 15: Anglo privilege

Day 15: Anglo privilege

Like all good days, today started out with a fantastic cappuccino and a tasty Saskatoon berry (similar taste to blueberry but tangier) donut at Happy Hi Coffee, a hole-in-the-wall cafe in downtown Regina. It was raining lightly but I decided to hit the road. The rain kept coming and going, but it was pleasant by the time I rolled in to Indian Head for lunch at the local bakery. A donut with pink frosting held in a hand

A Saskatoon berry donut

After Indian Head I continued toward Broadview, taking a brief detour into a town that supposedly had a gas station but turned out to be a ghost town, then pushed to Wolseley. By the time I got there it was raining heavily, there was a threat of thundershowers, and a mild headwind. I spotted a cafe with four cyclists in it and bailed on the day.

A worn-down grain elevator with weathered siding and the name Indian Head in red lettering
The Indian Head grain elevator was once the busiest grain elevator in the world.

The four were all from Quebec, and we chatted briefly. Then I opted to get Chinese food for supper (cheap, only vegetables available in small towns) where I met Victor, a French man living in Montreal who is heading east to west. We had a long chat over supper before I went to my campsite, which happened to be next to the Quebec crowd. Having offered a couple of times to switch the conversation to French for whatever reason it stayed in English and my French remains as rusty as ever. It’ll never recover if I keep missing opportunities to improve it. It’s too easy to coast along when you speak the world’s common language.

Tomorrow will be a long day to get me back on schedule to arrive in Winnipeg on Sunday. The wind and weather should be favourable. The signs all day have been pointing to Winnipeg so I’m expecting a fairly bleak trip for the next 500 km…

Highway sign for Winnipeg
The next noteworthy city

Post-script: Premier Moe’s opposition to carbon pricing has gone to new levels today, thanks to his efforts I can afford to buy gas again.

A gas station sign reads $0.00 per litre
Cheap gas in Regina

Today’s distance: 105.7 km

Cumulative distance: 2,002.2

Today’s climb: 246 m