Day 14: Paris of the Prairies

Day 14: Paris of the Prairies

The ride to Regina was short and pleasant. I got my first taste of prairie wheat fields that run as far as the eye can see. It was impressive.

A flat, green prairie field stretched off into the distance,
Typical prairie imagery

Before leaving I swapped my flat tube, and as I was reattaching the tube to the rim found a staple-sized culprit for my woes. Feeling like I’d solved this once and for all, the three-hour ride went by quickly.

The Saskatchewan Legislative Building seen from across Wascana Lake with a fountain in the foreground
The Saskatchewan Legislative Building

The afternoon was spent looking at the legislature, reading books, and sipping coffee. Ultimately my friend Steph took me on a tour of Regina, where great food and drink were found. The food was vegan, helping make up for the lack of vegetables available in small-town Canada. A perfect evening. She even took a photo of me, I am told that typically one remembers to take pictures of the friends they are spending time with but I once again forgot.

Ben, bearded, smiling in a bar
Enjoying the Prairies

Today’s lesson: Some parts of Regina really make it deserving of the monicker Paris of the Prairies

A wide street with tall green trees forming a canopy
A beautiful Regina street

Today’s distance: 76.3 km

Cumulative distance: 1,896.5 km

Today’s climb: 166 m