Reducing car use

Reducing car use

The price of gas is on its way up this summer, and the only way to cope may be reducing car use.

All signs point to gas getting more expensive as summer goes on and families start planning their big adventures to the beach. That takes gas, and with prices soaring these adventures could become out of reach of many people. The only way to cope is to reduce car use, using any possible opportunity to walk, bike, take transit, or plan trips better to eliminate an extra trip to the grocery store or mall.

It seems impossible to reduce car use if it’s all you’re used to, but it’s not. Biking to work may be unrealistic – you may be too far from the office and there may not be bike lanes. On the other hand, transit may actually cost more than driving if you already own a car and don’t pay for parking. These aren’t the only opportunities to change your driving habits though: there are often opportunities to change up non-work trips and reduce your gas bill.

One option is to shake up your usual family adventure on the weekend. Instead of driving to a far-off park, is there a bike trail nearby? Could you get to the grocery store, kids in tow, by bike? Now that the weather is nice, maybe the trip to the gym could be replaced for a run around your neighbourhood.

Another way to reduce fuel consumption is to combine many errands in to one trip. When that isn’t possible, think of which things can wait for another day – maybe a walk to the corner store for milk will get you through to tomorrow when you can visit the grocery store on the way home from work.

There’s no limit to the options here – let me know in the comments: what are the most practical ways you have to reduce car trips this summer?