8000km. As of next Friday, that’s how far I’ll have driven since August 22nd. I purchased a car in September in order to make a number of trips around the maritimes, and stuck reasonably well to my vow to continue commuting by bike. There are no good car rental options for long distance travelling, but perhaps the cost would be cheaper. Perhaps I leapt in to the car buying too quickly. In any case, I don’t enjoy driving, and 8000km of highway driving is 1/2 week behind the wheel. 3.5 days spent doing things other than reading the paper, running, cycling, learning, or resting. When I look at it that way it takes even more joy out of car ownership.

Living in Saint John is tough when one doesn’t own a car. Plus, once I’m back in Halifax I have class on Fridays until after the busses leave. Driving is the only way to make weekend trips home, something I value quite highly. It’s hard -if not impolite – to put a price on spending time with my parents and girlfriend.

Does anyone else have a similar experience with car ownership?

One thought on “8000km

  1. I moved to Waterloo, and it seemed only reasonable to buy a car to commute to work (The Waterloo/Kitchener area isn’t very bus friendly, nor bike safe), and to get to and from Toronto since Waterloo wasn’t my first place of choice.
    I needed a car, and decided against a used one since my lack of knowledge and handy father or boyfriend was an issue, it seemed to make sense to buy a new car… and by buy I mean finance.
    Now, I’m living in Toronto. It’s absolutely impractical to have a car. Getting rid of a brand new car after four months is an insane loss of money. So, it’s parked with insurance at the minimum, and not being driven yet being paid for.

    I guess that’s the “risk” of buying a car. Circumstances change.

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