The best chicken wings ever

Occasionally I test my chops by not writing about engineering, student life, or politics, though one could argue that this post is about student life. Tonight I managed to make the most delicious chicken wings to have ever entered my mouth. Now, I’m sure there’s at least one person out there upset with my assertion that these are the best wings ever, but let’s move past that and talk about why.

I received some inspiration for these wings from another blog, but largely took it my own way.

First, let’s start with the wings. I picked up a little over a pound of fresh chicken wings from the Saint John City Market. 1.5 pounds for $6. Not a bad deal, but there are probably better deals out there for farm fresh chicken wings. After preheating the oven to 375 degrees, I washed them to ensure there’s no dirt on the surface, and inspected them for any unplucked feathers. At this point, some people cut the thin side of the wing off, but I prefer to leave it on.

Washed wings by the bengineer, on Flickr
Make sure there is no dirt or feathers left on the wings.

Second is the dry-rub. You can use anything you want to rub the wings, it’s really whatever you prefer. I used fresh garlic, chili powder, paprika, salt, and pepper. I’m curious to experiment with a variety of other flavours too. Mix the dry rub in a bowl, then toss the wings in, mix it around, and look to ensure an even coating. Once this is done, pour a bit of olive oil on top and rub that around too, to ensure an even coating.

Dry rubbed by the bengineer, on Flickr
Use any spices you want, and ensure an even coating.

Now it’s time to lay the wings out on a baking sheet, ensuring they aren’t layered. They can touch, but layering them is a bad idea. Once they’ve been arranged, send them straight in to the oven and wait for 50 minutes, or until skin is crispy. Once you’ve achieved crispy skin, remove them, pick your favourite sauces, and dig in!

Rubbed and ready to cook by the bengineer, on Flickr
With the spices rubbed, place them on the sheet and make sure they aren
Ready to be eaten by the bengineer, on Flickr
Dig in.
No more wings by the bengineer, on Flickr
Stop eating when the pile looks like this.

There you have it. Delicious wings, with moderate spice and great flavour, for a low price and very little effort. This is something that you can try at home. Safely.

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  1. Buddy what an awesome post. This post is reminding me our farmhouse party moments. Me and my buddy’s also organized same sort of digging party :)! Oh! Man really great chicken wings. Thanks for sharing this nice experience. 🙂

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