DSU Exec blow through their budgets

I’ve embedded the DSU budget revisions for the year. The following items really piqued my curiosity, as they show significant changes from the budget approved in April. (sorry the embedded file is hard to understand)

  • An increase of $2,958.15 for governance and external lobbying (Total $174,479.75)
  • An increase of $2,229.16 for the office of the President (Total $44,465.52)
  • An increase of $11,678.90 for the office of the VPI (Total $53768.36)
  • An increase of – wait for it – $25,519.26 for the office of the VP Student Life (Total $111,160.48)
  • Nearly $11,000 of the Sustainability Office’s budget appears to be going unspent this year
  • An increase of $10,000 in the operations budget (Total $139,474.47)
  • An increase of $12,274.70 for the accounting department (Total $125,990.00)
  • A $1,200 improvement in revenue for the handbook. (It made a profit of nearly $400!)
  • A drop of nearly $2,000 from the Sexton Campus programming budget.
  • Overall, a $12,000 decrease in the surplus.

Remember, these are increase over the budgeted values, rather than a requested increase in the budget. Needless to say, I’m unimpressed and will be looking for answers next week. Comment if you’d like!

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2 thoughts on “DSU Exec blow through their budgets

  1. I find it a little ironic especially given the push some of the DSU exec gave for students to attend the day of action to lower tuition…hardly doing their part if they are increasing the spending of the extraneous student fees…imho

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