Day 7: Golden Eye

Day 7: Golden Eye

This morning started out slow, as I went the wrong way to a coffee shop and also left my wallet at the hostel. It could have gone worse – the entire Revelstoke regional RCMP detachment showed up right behind me. Apparently they just wanted coffee and I was able to go on my way. I finally hopped on the bike at 9am, beginning the grind up and out of Revelstoke. 

Grind is really the only way to put it. Over 60km I climbed continuously, for a 500m rise into the Rogers Pass, allegedly the easiest way across the Rockies. This climb was uneventful, I paused a few times for snacks and at one point met Dean, tour coordinator for the Cross Canada Grampas. While the Instagram machine was firmly tucked away an eagle soared overhead while a snow capped mountain lay off in the distance. Perfectly Canadian. 

Having summitted the pass it was time for the fun part, a 8km long drop of 300m. When I have wifi I will upload some GoPro footage of me screaming through the snow sheds at what felt like light speed, but was really only 60 km/h. When you’ve spent the last four hours slowly climbing everything feels fast. 

Finally, near the end of Glacier National Park there was another short climb, followed by a quick descent and 30k of riding along the riverbed to my destination in Golden. 

The sun setting over the Columbia Mountains in Golden, BC
The sun setting over the Columbia Mountains in Golden, BC

At the campsite were four other cross-country riders: one Monctonian, an Aussie living in Vancouver, and two Germans. Having all just finished a long day (there are no options in between the two towns until July), we were all set to tuck in. As the sun set I took one good, last look at the Columbia Mountains. Tomorrow brings the Rockies.

Today’s lesson: some wildlife memories will have to be remembered alone. 

Today’s distance: 150.0 km

Cumulative distance: 837.3 km

Today’s climb: 1,819 m

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